Speaking Topics

The non-linear career - embrace the curves

Terri is on her 4th career.  From a Wall Street derivative trader to an entrepreneur to an author and lecturer at Oxford University to a board member of large companies.  She has 3 key insights that will help everyone whether they are looking to grow or change their career path.  

Dream big, fail often and never give up

From Rural Louisiana to MIT to Wall Street to Oxford University to the board room.  Everyone has a unique path to follow.  Terri inspires and encourages audiences with practical advice on how to dream and how to achieve big.

What is the point of a Math Degree?

The only job titles with mathematician in them are in academia which leads to an image problem for math.  What you learn from studying math, is what we need for the future.  Terri makes math fun and illuminates the different paths that could exist for those interested in the topic. 

Why finance needs diversity

All the indicators tell us that it’s time for diversity in finance, but why is it taking so long for change to take hold?  And what can we do to accelerate the change.  Terri speaks both from personal experience as a derivative trader and as a board member of financial institutions.

Terri Duhon European Leadership Meeting.

Forging a path to the boardroom

Terri took a non-traditional path to the boardroom which required clarity in her value-add, an understanding of the traditional path, and an understanding of how to fill the skills gap.  These insights and more will help everyone start planning now.


Identify your next steps

An interactive workshop with clear steps for all.


Career Management

How to identify and then make the next step in your career


Inspiration and motivation on a variety of topics tailored to your audience including: 

  • risk and culture,

  • financial innovation,

  • diversity,

  • the world of mathematics.

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