Notable Events

Insight Webinar – How to make the transition to a portfolio career

Terri hosted a webinar for the Institute of Directors on How to get to the Boardroom in 2018.  This webinar is available for free for anyone interested. 

Women in Business LBS Conference

Terri and Guy Grainger spoke to an audience of 500 about moving from awareness to action on the diversity front and highlighted the barriers we still face.  
March 2018

Women on the Trading Floor LSE

Terri spoke to 100 LSE students about roles and responsibilities in the financial markets and what to consider about one’s own skillset and interests in order to find the right fit. 
October  2017

What do board members do and how do you get there? 

Presentation hosted by AmbitionFirst

Terri provided an overview to 100 participants of the different paths to the board room and gave her top tips to success in going down one of these paths.
October 2015

Markit Magazine

Terri Duhon has almost two decades worth of experience in financial markets and is the author of top selling book 'How the Trading Floor Really Works'. Here she talks exclusively to Markit about her latest venture, work life balance and women in finance.
December 2014

Introduction to Counterparty Credit Risk

A series of articles about counterparty credit risk in derivatives.  

 SCI Article 1 TDuhon Counterparty Credit Risk is about interest rate swaps.

 SCI Article 2 TDuhon Counterparty Credit Risk is about credit default swaps.  

SCI Article 3 TDuhon Counterparty Credit Risk is about cross-currency swaps.

SCI Article 4 TDuhon Counterparty Credit Risk is about risk management of counterparty credit risk.
May & June 2013

Judgement and Mark to Market Accounting

Article by Terri Duhon published by American Banker
February  2013

PBS Frontline documentary

Terri was one of the interviewees for a PBS Frontline documentary on the financial crisis. 
February 2012

BBC Radio 4 A Good Read with Harriet Gilbert
October 2012